Tulsa Techfest 2008 Flash Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts as discussed in my Tulsa Techfest 2008 Flash CS4 presentation.
(Why have a list of shortcuts in a presentation? These seem to have either slipped the general tutorials, and I find useful in my day to day life, or are worth repeating.)

Hide all Panels – f4
CTRL/command – +/- like you can turn on in photoshop
CTRL/command – 1 – 100%, 2-stage fit on screen ,3 everything on screen, 4-400%, 8-800% – in ps it turns off alpha channels – FAIR WARNING!

Basics –

f8 – convert selected item into symbol
f7 – blank keyframe
f6 – key frame
shift f6 – deletes selected key frame
f5 – frames
shift f5 – delete selected frames

< > – control timeline playhead – back and forth in a frame
ENTER – will play in the editing environment – enter again to stop, but may have some lag (just grab playhead?)

ARROW KEYS – for pixel based changes to items selected
SHIFT ARROW KEYS – to move by 10 pixels a pop

f9 – actionscript

And what I suggest to be your NEW NERVIOUS TWITCH – CTRL S, CTRL ENTER. If you work this in to your testing process, you have a gurantee against losing work due to processing failures of the final movie, as well as a good chance of getting files back with most of your work still there.

CTRL/command enter – test movie – creates a swf

And of course, if you use a tool regularly and do not know the short cut, simply mouse over the tools to find out the key.


That’s it! I hope this was useful – carry on with your Flash!

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