Ignite Tulsa – Why Gamers Will Never Inherit The Earth

As presented at Ignite Tulsa #2 Talks

(MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN – for a support video / interview with the authors of “Grand Theft Childhood”)



Xplay interviews the Lawrence Kutner, PhD and Cheryl K. Olson, ScD, co-founders and directors of Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health and Media; they preformed research with $1.5 million federal funding from the US Department of Justice, and then wrote “Grand Theft Childhood” – their message – GAMING IS NORMAL. Not harming kids, and has become the social standard. Other gaming studies? Off base.



And that was 2008. More recently Jane McGonigal has emerged stating playing video games is actually one of the most productive things we can do!

40% of gamers are women.

UNDER AGE 18 – 94% of girls play games, 99% of guys!

Colbert Report interview:

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